Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cash Online

I started out working with my dad when I was 12 off loading trucks making about $80 bucks a load. 
Now I'm 25. From then till 2012 I've been working for different jobs not getting what I wanted out of the deal. The jobs helped me get by just like I seen my parents just get by. Around the end of 2012 I started trying my luck doing online stuff to make money. At first I was nervous but I knew I could make something happen with my determination. Whether big or small in revenue I knew just by setting myself up to gain then I could win. It took a month and some days to make my first $1000....

I had to start somewhere.... so I started blogging, learning how to build free websites and watching a gang of tutorials on how to do different things. 
  1. BLOGGING- you can make a blog basically however you want it. Be creative, advertise and market in different niches in different ways.
  2. AFFILIATE PROGRAMS- register with different companies with their affiliate programs and advertise their content and merchandise on your blog/website(s). It's FREE!!!!. Whatever you advertise you can earn commissions. The more you advertise the more you earn. You can be your own boss. The main thing is to drive traffic. Go to the bottom of your favorite pages and then check to see if they have an affiliate program. Some say "make or earn with us". 
  3. AMAZON AFFILIATE- a lot of people shop at May be a lot of people you know right now that you could be making money from right under your nose!. Its 01/06/2013 and I've found 8 people today that by frequently from, may be three times or more a month depend on their extra cash. 
  4. LANDING PAGES- make landing pages. has a lot to offer and you can try it just for a $1. 
  5. EMAIL MARKETING- if you can learn how to do email marketing (which isn't hard) you can make a lot of revenue. check out this site>>

There are many ways to make money online. It just really takes time, drive, and determination. Its really all up to you now!!!!

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