Sunday, January 13, 2013

Minus the Nine to Five

 More ways to make money without a 9-5....

Many people like myself are always looking to make extra cash or some type of residual income that can help them out in anyway possible. Start your on small business. May be you might have a lot of old junk that might be treasure to someone else or may be you are good at doing something that otheres are in need of and you can provide them with the service. Here are a few ideas that you could do:
  1. Eldercare Services-Starting your own eldercare giving business is a no-fail proposition. The elderly population in the U.S. is booming. The "oldest old," or those 85 years old or older, are on track to grow by 2.8% between 2010 - 2030. 
  2. Consignment Shop-You can start a consignment shop out of your garage. Children outgrow their clothes so fast. Gather together your children's clothes that they have outgrown along with gently used toys. Get a bunch of clothes racks and tables. Make sure the toys and clothes are spotlessly clean. You only have to make a few decisions. What cut are your going to keep when consigned clothes are sold? How long will you keep the consigned items before giving them back to the customer? What are your standards when the customer brings you items?

  3. Tutoring Services-Offer an Internet tutoring service where you teach people how to get online and what they can find once they are online. You would be surprised at how many people need this service, particularly older people who aren't experienced with computers.
  4. Mobile App Developer-The reason that mobile app developers are in such hot demand is because businesses are going to want mobile applications for their own businesses.

  5. Staffing Services-Businesses still aren't hiring a lot of permanent workers but they are hiring temporary workers. If you live in a small community, rent a vacant storefront (and there are lots of those) and start a temporary staffing agency. You will find that many, many out of work individuals will sign up with you. First, however, some market research is in order to find out if there is a market for this type of service in your community.

  6. eCommerce Website-The U.S. economy needs entrepreneurs to start businesses and hire workers. What type of business would you like to open on the internet? Would you like to sell products? What about services? Where does your expertise lie? What about services needed by people who already have eCommerce businesses? They need people to build websites, provide SEO experience, and so many other web services.


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